Client Experience Consulting

ODM’s client experience consulting focuses on improving the most important factor in your business performance…your customer’s overall experience. Their overall experience will determine whether they become loyal clients or detractors. ODM helps its clients make each interaction a positive experience.

Journey Mapping

Our team of management consultants and industrial engineers will conduct a six-phased study to map each customer touch point process. From wait times to employee service, the customer experience will be analyzed at every stage.

Sales Optimization Consulting

ODM works with your management team to implement changes to your processes that will improve your bottom line and overall performance. This change will include streamlining your sales process procedures, staff sales training and the implementation of an easy-to-use, web-based software that will accelerate sales performance in every office or store, system wide. This software solution is designed to optimize the decisions that office/store managers make on the sales floor to increase profits. Operational visibility is the key to efficient scheduling, improved sales performance, and maximizing each store’s profits.

Mystery Shopper Program

ODM will work with your service management team to create and implement a Mystery Shopper program that will measure and improve your client’s experience and the sales skills of your employees. The program will utilize mystery shoppers to perform in-person shops in your branches and selected departments.

Quality Audits

ODM provides an organization’s management team the power to independently audit their store’s quality, cleanliness, safety and any other corporate guidelines or procedures. On an outsourced basis, ODM will conduct your internal Quality Audit Checklist Review program. This review can include any specific detail management wants to ensure is properly being adhered to in each location throughout the organization.

ODM Six Phase Project Plan

  • Organizational Development Initiative
  • Service Processes Gap Analysis
  • Revised Procedures
  • Revise and Create new Training Curriculum
  • Implementing new service standards
  • Project Evaluation

Benefits of ODM’S Quality Audits

  • Reduce OSHA findings
  • Reduce worker’s compensation claims
  • Improve overall store quality
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve overall sales

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