Corporate Training

Imagine holding the key that unleashes your most powerful resource…your people. It’s true; the development of your staff directly impacts your performance and your bottom-line. ODM’s training service can help you reach your training objectives on an outsourced basis helping you control your labor cost.

Instructional Design

Why pay for vendor training, licensing fees, and training manuals when you can own the content and utilize it on an ongoing basis? ODM’s instructional design services provide you with all rights to your training materials because we design it for you. Your materials are branded with your company logo. Once we deliver your training manual and accompanying materials you are free to utilize them as often as you like.

Outsource Facilitation

ODM’s facilitators have conducted hundreds of seminars in soft skills, customer service, sales, leadership, and application software. They are highly qualified captivating trainers and public speakers. Here’s how it works. Provide us with the content you wish delivered. Our facilitators will master the material and deliver it as if they had designed it themselves.

Corporate University

Most organizations establish a corporate university to create a culture of continuous development and to get the most out of their training investment. More important, providing educational and development opportunities to your employees is the number one retention tool you have at your disposal.

Outsourced Training Department

Whether your organization does not have a training department or you’re looking to enhance your training program without hiring additional training staff, ODM can help you achieve your training goals by outsourcing your project us. You can start training your staff within 15-30 days from the initial instructional design phase.

ODM Seminar

In addition to our instructional design services, ODM can provide predesigned seminars for your staff or corporate events. These courses range from four hours to four days in duration and are designed using adult learning techniques making the seminars interactive and fun while accomplishing the participant learning objectives. Please contact our offices for more specific information about our various seminars including customer service, leadership and sales courses.

ODM’S Instructional Design Methodology

  • Phase 1: Define Learning & Performance Outcomes
  • Phase 2: Design Course and Training Materials
  • Phase 3: Deliver Course to Selected Audience
  • Phase 4: Performance Analysis and ROI Analysis

ODM Financial Performance and Business Process Improvement Benefits

  • Improved Profitability
  • Reduced Product Cost Structure
  • Streamlined Product/Service Portfolio
  • Improved Processes and Activities
  • Improved Bottom Line Results

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