Management Consulting

ODM’s Management Consultants and industrial engineers work with you, the client, to help your business achieve its goals.  Whether achieving performance objectives or solving problems our team will help you find new and improved ways of achieving your goals.  We analyze and reduce cost by improving your process to eliminate waste.

Management Consulting

Cost Reduction Analysis

ODM improves your bottom line by reducing your operating cost.  To achieve this ODM analyzes and improves your productivity in the day-to-day process by removing the root cause operational inefficiencies.  ODM improves efficiencies by implementing new operational standards and analyzing labor utilization.  We increase margins by reducing overall operating cost associated with the process.  The estimated savings could reach multiple hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

ODM’s  –  Phased Cost Reduction Approach

PHASE 1:  CURRENT PROCESS DOCUMENTATION:  Labor Productivity Analysis; Labor Utilization at Peak / Non-Peak Times; Workflow and Client Time Studies; Preliminary Simulation Model; Work Sampling Study; Data Validation; Cost Reduction Models; Personnel Utilization Requirements for Peak Hours; Personnel Utilization Requirements for Non-Peak Hours.

PHASE 2:  DEVELOP NEW COST REDUCTION PROCESS:  Develop Labor Optimization Model; Daily Schedules for Full and Part-Time Employees; Elimination of Non-Value Added Tasks Utilizing Lean or 6 Sigma Methodology.

PHASE 3:  REPORT FINDINGS TO MANAGEMENT:  Report Cost Reduction Analysis Results To Management; Implement Changes Approved by Management

Process Improvement

Let ODM’s Process Improvement methodologies help you improve your operation and your bottom line.  We accomplish this by optimizing the efficiency of the task performed within any individual department or the entire organization.  In addition, ODM’s process improvement industrial engineers are certified 6 sigma black belts that have expertise in the implementation of performance optimization projects.

ODM improves productivity in the day-to-day process by removing the root cause operational inefficiencies.  ODM improves efficiencies by implementing new operational standards and analyzing labor utilization.

6 SIGMA METHODOLOGIES:  Process Mapping; Reducing Variations; Errors with a process (rejects, returns, waste, etc.); Follow the five steps of Define, Measure Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) to solve root causes.  Tools Used:  Charters, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Data Plans Statistical Tools:  Histograms, Pareto Charts, Regression Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Fishbone Diagrams

LEAN METHODOLOGIES:  Reducing Waste; Decreasing Cycle Times.  Tools Used:  Value Stream Mapping, Just-in-time Inventory, Quality Function Deployment

Strategic Planning

Executives sometimes need assistance in creating a strategic plan for their areas of responsibilities or the entire corporation. We work directly with Board of Directors, Presidents and Senior Managers by assisting them with this process. ODM accomplishes this by taking the Executives through the complete Strategic Planning Process.

From planning the process to facilitating the strategic planning retreat, ODM is there to help each step of the way. ODM will even interview your team to help them analyze their department’s or corporation’s strengths and opportunities. This Strategic Planning Process guides the Executives and helps ODM complete the plan.
ODM’s Strategic Planning Process

  • Pre-planning goals and objectives of the process
  • Executive questionnaire, interview & executive summary
  • Facilitation of the strategic planning retreat
  • Your Mission
  • Vision of the future…business concept & objectives
  • Your Core Values
  • What exactly do you sell and who are your customers
  • Why should they buy your products
  • Identify strategic goals and objectives for 1- 3 years
  • Gap analysis
  • Identify strategies to achieve goal and objectives
  • Resource requirements (technology, personnel, materials)
  • Develop a master project plan
  • Develop project plans for each project on the master project plan
  • Pre-planning goals and objectives of the process

Procedures Manuals

Don’t let your knowledge walk out when your Subject Matter Expert does.

In many situations, one person in the department has most of the knowledge and employees line up to ask that one person questions.  Many corporations have general procedures, but few are detailed enough to allow others to get the job done when the SME is not available.

If this sounds like your corporation, let ODM create step-by-step instructional procedures that eliminate inefficient operations.  We meet with subject matter experts from each area and capture their best practices in one retrievable location…managing your knowledge.

ODM places extensive project management and procedural writing experience at your disposal.ODM has created procedures for various industries, including: Banking, Supermarket, Pharmacy, Manufacturing, Airline, Client Services.


Executive Coaching / Consulting

ODM’s approach to executive consulting combines the best of both psychology and coaching.  Extraordinary results have been achieved for those who have participated.  Our approach brings more depth and focus to those executives facing challenges.  Whether you are an experienced executive or were recently promoted to a management position ODM can help you navigate:

  • Developing a healthy communication style.
  • Developing interpersonal awareness to improve career development.
  • Conducting tough conversations to improve staff performance.
  • Motivating your staff to perform at a higher level.
  • Handling interpersonal issues such as communication breakdowns, unhealthy competition, unexpressed anger, among others.
  • Dealing with coworkers and peers.
  • Handling overall conflict resolution skills.

In order to enhance their communication effectiveness and achieve the healthiest, most effective relationships with their employees we educate executives as to their personality and the personalities of the people who work for them, through psychology.

With over 35 years of experience in the field counseling, executive management and psychology, our consultants are able to increase awareness and insight to enable executives to achieve the most out of their staff and themselves.

Our executive consulting approach:

  1. ODM conducts an initial consultation with the executive and/or business team.
  2. ODM does a complete analysis of each employee, their job description, and any conflicts they may be experiencing.
  3. Specific recommendations are given regarding relevant, ongoing issues and any employee that may require consulting and/or coaching.
  4. ODM then creates a face-to-face meeting schedule combined with ongoing phone consultations.
  5. Group consultation and/or counseling is provided when necessary.

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