Management Consulting

ODM’s Management Consultants, Financial Consultants and Industrial Engineers work with you, the Client, to help your business achieve its goals. By creating a detailed process map, identifying the true cost of each step in the process and eliminating the process bottlenecks, ODM improves your bottom line by reducing your operating cost.

Product and Service Profitability Analysis

This analysis will paint a detailed picture of an organization’s profitability. Normally, a few products generate the majority of a company’s profitability. And then the other products or services offered either contribute a minimal part, break even, or even lower profitability. With a detailed evaluation, strategic analysis, evaluation of outsourcing opportunities, and analysis of cost structure; ODM can save you both time and money.

Customer Profitability Analysis

Customer profitability varies greatly. Just as products have different cost structures, customers demand different levels of effort from sales, marketing, and product processes. When analyzing the profitability of a business, it includes taking a closer look at strategic and operational procedures to ensure that there are no bottlenecks in the process. With a customer segmentation, definition of customer profitability, and strategic analysis of customers it will ensure maximum efficiency and therefore maximum profitability.

Financial Performance and Business Process Improvement

Our unique approach combines a detailed mapping and review of processes/activities and the resources or expenses they consume. For those activities with higher cost and improvement potential, performance measures and cost drivers are identified. A value-added analysis is undertaken to determine which activities could be eliminated or improved so that efficiency and effectiveness can be increased. Our methodology includes: Identification of processes and activities, an assignment of resources (expenses) to activities and processes, and Identification of cost drivers.

Strategic Planning

From planning the process to facilitating the strategic planning retreat, ODM is there to help each step of the way. ODM will even interview your team to help them analyze their department’s or corporation’s strengths and opportunities. This Strategic Planning Process guides Executives and helps ODM complete the plan.

Procedures Manual

Do you have a Knowledge Management Plan? Don’t let your knowledge walk out when your Subject Matter Expert resigns. Let ODM create step-by-step instructional procedures that eliminate inefficient operations.  We meet with subject matter experts from each area and capture their best practices in one retrievable location.

Executive Coaching and Consulting

ODM’s approach to executive consulting combines the best of both psychology and coaching.  Extraordinary results have been achieved for those who have participated.  Our approach brings more depth and focus to those executives facing challenges.

ODM Financial Performance and Business Process Improvement Benefits

  • Improved Profitability
  • Reduced Product Cost Structure
  • Streamlined Product/Service Portfolio
  • Improved Processes and Activities
  • Improved Bottom Line Results

Strategic Planning

  • Mission
  • Core values
  • Gap analysis
  • Identify strategies to achieve goals and objectives
  • Resource requirements (technology, personnel, materials)

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