Mystery Shopper Program

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How Is Your Client Service Experience?

Mystery Shopper ProgramIs your staff cross-selling your products?

ODM will work with your service management team to create and implement a Mystery Shopper program that will measure and improve your client’s experience and the sales skills of your employees. The program will utilize mystery shoppers to perform in-person shops in your branches and selected departments.

The results of these shops and the actions taken based on their findings will assist your bank, restaurant, retail store or any other type of client oriented service business in measuring and improving client satisfaction levels and increasing up-selling opportunities.


Phase 1:   Needs Analysis & Program Development

Phase 2:   Creating Customized Surveys & Questionnaires

Phase 3:   Perform Employee Shops – In Person and Telephone Shops

Phase 4:   Complete Post Transaction Client Satisfaction Surveys

Phase 5:   Perform Competitor Shops – In Person and Telephone Shops

Phase 6:   Measurement – Monthly Reporting

Phase 7:   Continuous Assessment – Identify Training Needs

Phase 8    Redirect Shops on an “As Needed” Basis

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