Quality Audits

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Quality AuditsODM provides an organization’s management team the power to independently audit their store’s quality, cleanliness, safety and any other corporate guidelines or procedures.  On an outsourced basis, ODM will conduct your internal Quality Audit Checklist Review program. This review can include any specific detail management wants to ensure is properly being adhered to in each location throughout the organization.

ODM works with your management team to create a Quality Audit checklist review tool that will be utilized by our auditors during each surprise audit.  These surprise audits can be conducted on a monthly basis or at the time intervals desired by the client.

Monthly service includes:

  • Auditing quality levels
  • Creating the “Quality Audit Checklist Review Tool”
  • Conducting a Store Checklist Review for each store on a monthly basis
  • Reporting the results to Management on a monthly basis

Benefits include*:

  • Reduce OSHA findings
  • Reduce worker’s compensation claims
  • Improve overall store quality
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve overall sales

*ODM does not:
(1) Issue citations or (2) guarantee that client will “pass” any OSHA Inspection, (3) take responsibility for any employee or customer accident or safety hazard incident that may occur at any client store or affiliated business.  The client is ultimately responsible for its Internal Safety and program.

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