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Sales Optimization ConsultingAre your sales stagnant or in decline?  Are poor sales affecting your market share and profits?  ODM can help you determine the root causes derailing your sales performance by conducting a study of your complete sales process.  The results of this analysis often shows that it is a combination of inefficient sales processes, poorly trained sales staff, a lack of a sales staff rewards and recognition program and sales management inability to view sales results in a real time basis.  This lack of actionable information does not allow your sales management team to make adjustments on a timely basis.

ODM works with your management team to implement changes to your processes that will improve your bottom line and overall performance.  This change will include streamlining your sales process procedures, staff sales training and the implementation of an easy-to-use, web-based software that will accelerate sales performance in every office or store, system wide.  This software solution is designed to optimize the decisions that office/store managers make on the sales floor to increase profits.  Operational visibility is the key to efficient scheduling, improved sales performance, and maximizing each store’s profits.

This system delivers remote, real-time visibility to each office’s/store’s operations using your existing information systems as well as unique 3D video traffic counters.

A web-based dashboard allows you to track and report each office or stores performance in real-time.

This allows you to instantly make adjustments to specific

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