How much can an individual know about a person by simply looking at their resume? While resumes are a useful recruiting tool, it should not be the only reason why someone is not considered as a candidate. You could potentially be ruling out an excellent candidate. With today’s technology, there are new and improved ways to find and recruit the best talent.

Here are four reasons why you need to go beyond the resume:

  1. Skills can be proven beyond the typed descriptions
    Resumes can provide an overview of a person’s professional past, but an interactive challenge can give the candidate an opportunity to present their skills. Additionally, it can help make some of the less obvious choices stand out.
  2. Interactions prior to first interviews will be more productive
    While meeting in person is not a feasible option for a position with hundreds of applications, it is important to have an interaction with top candidates prior to the first interview. A great option is a video conference where you can get to know them by asking informal questions and understanding their personal interests.
  3. Have a better understanding of a candidate’s expectations
    By going beyond the resume, it will help a recruiter better understand a candidate’s expectations, motivations, and align expectations of a role with their personal interests. Getting to know the candidate and connecting with them, will help you make a better decision.
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