In less than two months, we will be welcoming the new year and businesses will begin to work on implementing their 2023 business and marketing strategies. Before the strategies are set in stone, it’s important for marketers to be aware of upcoming trends. Let’s dive deeper and examine what we will expect to see in the upcoming new year.

  1. Video set to continue its domination
    According to YouTube, users watch a combined 1 billion hours of content daily. This is an impressive number considering much of the content on the platform is consumer-generated. While branded content is made by companies worldwide, YouTube is not the only social platform businesses will be turning to. Facebook Live, Vimeo, Instagram and Tik Tok will provide companies the opportunity to distinguish themselves amongst competitors.
  2. Use of short-form video content will continue
    YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, Google Web Stories, and Pinterest Idea Pins are examples of short-term content options. Tik Tok took the world by storm when it expanded from the Chinese digital market. While there have been controversies surrounding the platform and the hazardous behaviors to gain views, there are an increasing number of paid influencers on the platform. We will continue to see the use short-term video content into the new year.
  3. User-generated content is here to stay
    Current trends show that user-generated content is well-established. While influencer marketing has become a major marketing and sales force, it is becoming more collaborative. Instagram posts shared by a social media influencer are helping brands sell many units of product. But additional user-generated content can also help increase brand awareness. Many companies have already begun to scale back their content creation studio since the technique has already proven to be effective.
  4. Embracing LinkedIn and Pinterest
    While businesses have focused on major social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, there is increased interest in Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Pinterest saw exponential growth and added over 26 million users. LinkedIn, a professional networking platform, saw an increase an organic engagement when compared to Facebook.
  5. Paid social media usage will increase
    Brands are spending more on social media advertising than ever before. Since this one is more of a long-term social media trend, brands do not advertise on social media are missing out on an increased sale revenue.
  6. Social media becoming a strong shopping platform
    Since the beginning of the pandemic, social media has evolved into a shopping platform. Consumers are more likely to purchase an item through shoppable Instagram posts and social ads. Additionally, Facebook Messenger has begun to play a larger role in customer service.
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