Mental health is a topic that is not typically discussed in the workplace. In addition to it affecting a person’s personal life, many are not aware that it can affect a person’s work-life as well. It is important for employers to take proactive steps to ensure that their employees’ mental health is a top priority. Below are a few examples that employers can implement in the work environment:

  • Incorporating More Natural Lighting into the Workspace
    Incorporating natural light in your employees’ workspace can help reduce stress levels and increase their concentration. Additionally, natural light can help aid sleep. Studies have shown that employees that are exposed to natural light through windows sleep for an average of 46 minutes more every night.
  • Encouraging Walk Breaks
    Studies have shown that individuals who are idle for long periods of time have decreased blood circulation, increased risk for depression and obesity, and diabetes. Encouraging walking breaks can have health and mental benefits such as improved mood, improve overall health, and reduce lethargy.
  • Implement a Health Program
    Implementing a health program has multiple benefits such as reduced elevated health risks, reduced healthcare costs, improved productivity, decreased absenteeism, improved employee recruitment, and retention, and help build and sustain high employee morale.
  • Offer Healthy Snacks
    Bringing in a sweet treat is a great way to show your employees you appreciate their hard work but offering daily healthy snacks can help create a better and happier work environment. Studies have shown that employees who enjoyed free snacks at work reported being extremely happy with their current job and it makes them feel valued and appreciated.
  • Train Managers Not to Micromanage
    This type of management style can have a negative effect on a person’s mental health as it can cause increased levels of stress, lower self-esteem, and depression. In the end, this will cause individuals to leave and find another position elsewhere. It’s important to train managers not to micromanage but instead trust and offer a helping hand when asked.
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